Sea Breeze and Driftwood Reed Diffuser

Sea Breeze and Driftwood Reed Diffuser

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Imagine yourself strolling along our Cornish beaches breathing in the revitalising, fresh clean sea air.

A breezy revitalising blend of ozonic seaside air, seashells and driftwood.

Don’t you want to be there right now?

 Top Notes – Sicilian lemon, Orange zest, Bergamot

Heart Notes – Juniper, Rosemary, Tea tree and Pine

Base Notes – Geranium, Jasmine and White Cedarwood

Weight: 100ml

Beautifully scented using an eco-friendly, soy-based solvent and the finest fragrance oils to keep your home smelling beautiful for 3-4 months.

Our diffusers come in clear round bottles with 7 black reeds. Smaller rooms may not need as many reeds in one vessel. The more reeds used the stronger the scent. We suggest starting off with 4-5 reeds and increase to your preference. Larger rooms may need all 7 reeds.

Product care

Remove the screw lid and carefully remove stopper. Take your reeds and carefully place inside vessel. A gentle swirl of the reeds will get the scent going. All our fibre reeds have been engineered so they do not clog and as a result they do not have to be flipped. Place diffuser in your desired place and enjoy.

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